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Our flagship product, VantagePoint, is a powerful text-mining tool for discovering knowledge in search results from patent and literature databases. VantagePoint helps you rapidly understand and navigate through large search results, giving you a better perspective—a better vantage point—on your information. The perspective provided by VantagePoint enables you to quickly find WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE, enabling you to clarify relationships and find critical patterns—turning your information into knowledge.

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VantagePoint Reader


VantagePoint Reader is a simplified version of VantagePoint, with which your team can review your results.

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VantagePoint Academic


University researchers from around the world are using VantagePoint extensively for bibliometric, scientometric, and network analyses as well as innovation, emergence, and intellectual property structure research (see examples). We offer VantagePoint Academic  as a yearly subscription to universities for curriculum use and/or research use that contributes to the public research knowledge base (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers). Shorter subscription lengths  are available for project work and teaching. Academics wishing to trial VantagePoint in preparation for their research may submit a request here.





Derwent Data Analyzer


Derwent Data Analyzer (DDA) is a Clarivate product that is powered by VantagePoint. Derwent Data Analyzer has special import filters and reporting macros specifically designed for analyzing patent data and scientific literature from Clarivate.

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VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition

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VantagePoint Smart Charts Edition (VP-SCE) is a customized version of VantagePoint, developed jointly by Search Technology and BizInt Solutions for use by BizInt Smart Charts customers.  VP-SCE is sold and supported by BizInt Solutions.  Please click "More Information" to go to the BizInt Solutions web site.

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