VantagePoint at Southeastern Library Assessment Conference

VantagePoint will be in attendance at the November 13-14 Southeastern Library Assessment Conference, showcasing the assessment power of text-mining approaches. Not only has VantagePoint been used to profile and assess the strengths and weaknesses of a university's research, issues of interest to any university library, but also extensively used to profile key who, what, where, and when attributes of technology fields, a service libraries provide to clients to increase their value, efficiency, and effectiveness, all key elements of library performance assessment.

Book Release: Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval

Luciano Kay, Alan Porter, Jan Youtie, Nils Newman, and Ismael Rafols' paper titled "Visual analysis of patent data through global maps and overlays" appears in the recently released book Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval Springer (2017). 

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