Registration Code - Moving Derwent Data Analyzer from one computer to another

 Your Registration Code is your key to unlock  Derwent Data Analyzer. Sometimes you may need to change computers and move Derwent Data Analyzer to a new computer. In this case, you must deactivate the Registration Code on the old computer before it can be used on the new computer.  Or, if your computer will be reformatted or upgraded to a new operating system, you must first deactivate the Registration Code or you won't be able to use it again.

The Registration Code/License Deactivation is done using the Help / Manage License menu item.  You are presented with the Manage Derwent Data Analyzer License dialog.

First, copy and paste your Registration Code to a text file or somewhere it can be retrieved later.  Then, choose whether you will deactivate Using the Internet or Using Email.


Deactivate Using Internet

To Deactivate Using the Internet (preferred method for those with internet connection), click the Deactivate Now button:


DDA Deactivate 1



You are presented with the warning box:


When you are ready to accept, click Yes. You should receive a "Successfully deactivated license. Derwent Data Analyzer will now close" message box. When you click OK, Derwent Data Analyzer will close.

You may now use that Registration Code on another computer.


Deactivate Using Email

If you do not have internet access, you can Deactivate your Registration Code Using Email. (Note: This process may take a few hours or as many as two business days to complete, depending on your location.)

Click the Using Email tab.

1. Click the Create Deactivation Code button.



A warning box appears, advising you that performing this action will deactivate your license and close Derwent Data Analyzer. Click Yes to confirm if you want to proceed. 

Another warning message appears:

DDA Successful Deactivate message


Press OK to dismiss the message. NOTE: This does not complete the process - you must continue through step 3.


2. A Deactivation Code has been assigned and appears in the "Deactivation Code" field.

3. Click the Create Deactivation Request Email button.

 An email addressed to activate @ appears, with the Deactivation Code pasted in the body of the email.  Send the email. You must send us the Deactivation Code before you can activate Derwent Data Analyzer on another computer. Press OK in the dialog box. Derwent Data Analyzer closes.

You should receive an email from activate @ confirming your Registration Code was successfully deactivated. The Deactivation process is not complete until you receive this confirmation.