Derwent Data Analyzer

    NEWS November 15, 2017 Derwent Data Analyzer v7.01 released
    Release Notes (build code 23908)
  • This may be installed as a normal update to v7.0 (build code 23714)
  • Update to English, Chinese, and Japanese Help files
  • Corrections to Japanese and Chinese translations in the UI and field names during import and further processing (5998, 6081, 6084, 6117, 6145, 6156, 6170)
  • Bug fix for Report - Plot Matrix in Excel (2433)

Derwent Data Analyzer works with patent and scientific databases to deliver information snapshots and graphs to give you genuinely unique insight into:

  • Companies - Current and Potential Product Portfolios
  • Technology Landscapes - Present State and Future Developments

Derwent Data Analyzer is compatible with both in-house and commercial databases, especially data sources from Clarivate Analytics.


Moving your Derwent Data Analyzer license from one computer to another?

Click on this link for a guide to moving your Derwent Data Analyzer license.


Cannot Activate your Derwent Data Analyzer License On-Line?

Occasionally, a situation comes up in which the Derwent Data Analyzer license cannot be activated on-line.  Sometimes a firewall gets in the way, or your institution's security policy does not allow it.  If you have access to e-mail, you can still activate Derwent Data Analyzer using the procedure described in this guide:

How to manually Activate your Derwent Data Analyzer license (by e-mail)


On-line Training and Support Resources

Click on these links for on-line training and support resources.