Your access to the VantagePoint download page has expired

Click here to request a price quotation to renew your annual Commercial Support Subscription or annual Academic License. 

Access to the VantagePoint downloads page is available to customers that have active Support Subscriptions with Search Technology, Inc.  Support Subscriptions are available in the following ways:

Commercial Licensees

The VantagePoint Commercial License is sold as a perpetual license.  No annual fees are required for its operation.  However, to access VantagePoint updates, import filters, scripts, and thesauri, a VantagePoint Support Subscription is required. 

  1. A Support Subscription is provided at no additional cost for 12 months after first purchasing a VantagePoint Commercial License.  During this term, you have access to the VantagePoint downloads page.
  2. After the first 12 months, you may purchase additional 12-month Support Subscriptions that will continue your VantagePoint Commercial License User Support, including access to the VantagePoint downloads page.

Academic Licensees

The VantagePoint Academic License is sold as a renewable license, usually for a 12-month term.  During the license term, Academic Customers have a VantagePoint Academic Support Subscription as defined in their VantagePoint Order Form.  The VantagePoint Academic Support Subscription includes access to the downloads page for all licensed users during the term of the license.  VantagePoint will not run after the license term has lapsed. 

What is available on the VantagePoint downloads and support pages?

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