VantagePoint v10.0 Release Notes

Downloading and installing VantagePoint v10.0

Details on upgrading from an earlier version and transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit versions can be found on our website in the upgrade FAQ.

Automatically Classify Records introduces a new artificial intelligence tool in VantagePoint

VPv10.0 introduces a brand new tool to assist the Record Classification task.  You define your Classification fields (one or more), specify the training fields (e.g., titles and abstracts).  Then begin manually classifying some records.  VantagePoint analyzes your classifications and gives you a continuous assessment of its confidence in auto-classifying the remainder of the records.  When you decide the confidence is high enough, you can release the auto-classifier to do the rest.  When VantagePoint is not confident enough to classify a particular record, it places it in a special group so you can review it later.


Find Similar Records tool aids data exploration and record classification

From the Record View, click the radar icon to find records that are similar records to the records you are viewing. VP uses the training fields for Auto-classification to find similar records.  The records and a percent similarity measure are presented in another window.  


New workflow-oriented interface improves the user’s experience

VantagePoint v10.0's new workflow-oriented interface improves the user's experience by arranging all tools and operations into the 4 basic analysis steps: import, refine, analyze, and report.

Ribbon toolbar

The new ribbon toolbar provides quick and easy access to all of VantagePoint's tools.  There are seven ribbons in the new design: Home, Refine, Analyze, Report, Editors, View, and Help.  

The Home ribbon has the tools you need to start a new analysis, open and save files, perform frequent tasks, and manage sheets in your dataset.
VPv10 Home Ribbon

The Refine ribbon has many tools that help you work with datasets, fields, and groups.
VPv10 Refine Ribbon

The Analyze ribbon contains VantagePoint's tools for deep exploration of your data.  It is also the gateway to VantagePoint's scripting engine for specialized and customized tools and workflow.
 VPv10 Analyze Ribbon

 The Report ribbon has several tools that create visualizations in your dataset for interactive analysis.  From here you can export your visualizations for reports and export your enhanced data to other tools.
VPv10 Report Ribbon

The Editors ribbon provides access to the tools you can use to customize your analysis environment with your own thesauri, fuzzy cleanup rulesets, import filters, and Meta Tags.  
VPv10 Editors Ribbon 

The View ribbon lets you tailor your workspace and manage the sheets in your datasets.  This is where you find the helpful Reset to Default that you can use to restore your workspace to the original as-installed arrangement.
VPv10 View Ribbon

The Help ribbon gives you convenient access to VantagePoint's Help tools and Support links.  
VPv10 Help Ribbon

Finally, notice the Application button (the compass in the top left corner) and the Quick Access Toolbar (across the top).  The Application button provides an easy way to open recent datasets, import new data, export images, and manage Options.  The Quick Access Toolbar gives you an always-visible toolbar you can customize for quick and convenient access to your own selection of VantagePoint's tools.  
VPv10 App and QAT


 New tools give the user more control of the workspace

Type-to-filter to select fields in Detail Windows, Create Matrix, Maps, Sub-dataset, and Field-from-groups dialogs.  

Drag-and-drop cues for moving, docking, and tabbing Title Window, Detail Windows, Analyst Guide, and My Keywords.


New Cluster Map Visualization (on the Report ribbon)

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Cluster Map tool that delivers much of the same visual analytic power as the popular Aduna visualization.  This new script has better integration with VantagePoint’s user interface, and provides a fully supported foundation for future enhancement and development.  (The Aduna visualization has been retired because of Java security concerns, compatibility problems, and a persistent lack of updates and support from the 3rd party provider.)


New View Records options

VantagePoint has added two new options for viewing multiple records in the "Show Fields" Record View.  In addition to the traditional way as a table, you can view each record on a separate row or column.


Enhanced Export Image (on Report ribbon and App button)

There are now four Export Image options for many visualizations, including new options to export high resolution PDF images and interactive HTML visualizations.  


Now Add/Edit Notes to Sheets and Color-code Tabs

Right click on a sheet tab to add/edit notes to each sheet in your dataset.  Also sheet tabs in your dataset are now color-coded by type to make it easier for the user to find the desired sheet.  
VPv10-sheet tabs


Updates to Calculate Emergence Indicators (now on the Analyze ribbon)

Emergence is upgraded with the addition of Emergence Scoring (patent pending), which is selected by default.  It will create a score for a set of terms appearing in a dataset. These scores can then also be used to calculate scores for secondary indicators such as Authors, Affiliations, Countries and new in version 10.0, individual records via scoring of Titles. Major speed improvements in VPv10.0 have also drastically cut run time on large scale datasets allowing for faster scoring and more opportunities for fine tuning results.


 Updates to Super Profile (now on the Report ribbon)

We have made styling and functional improvements for the embedded Super Profile sheets, including resizable columns and sticky header on scroll.


Embedded browser removes dependence on IE version

Previous versions of VantagePoint used external browsers, specifically Windows Internet Explorer, for many dialogs and visualizations.  Technological changes in IE and different adoption rates made it difficult to ensure that VP worked well for all of our customers around the world.  

VantagePoint v10.0 no longer depends on external browsers.  This will help ensure our customers have better performance and fewer compatibility problems in the future.


Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • VPv10.0 fixes some relatively obscure and infrequent bugs
  • There are many performance improvements, most notably the time it takes to open big lists in big datasets has been cut by orders of magnitude.
New user interface simplifies the workflow and improves the user’s experience
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