VantagePoint v9.5 Release Notes

Downloading and Installing

Details on upgrading from an earlier versions and transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit versions can be found on our website in the upgrade FAQ.

Use the Help menu to find on-line support resources and Contact our Helpdesk

When you use the Help menu to contact the Helpdesk ...

  • You are automatically logged into our web site,
  • You have access to special Training Material and FAQ pages, and
  • You can submit your question directly to our Helpdesk using the handy pre-filled form.


Edit and Save titles on many visualizations

You can edit the titles on many VantagePoint charts.

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the chart title. 
  2. If you see the title highlight with a box around it and a pen icon, click on the text and type to edit.
  3. Press <Enter> on the keyboard to save the title.

Edit Chart Titles

Updates to the Calculate Emergence Indicators script

  • Added Option to run General Cleanup, and/or remove specific terms using a stopwords file.
  • Adjusted scale to improve second order indicators
  • Bugfixes and speed improvements

 Updates to the Super Profile script

  •  Added shaded bars to "number of records" column in Super Profile Excel report

Enhanced Super Profile in Excel

Bug Fixes

  •  Fixed a repeatable crash when "out of memory" condition is encountered during import on computers with 4GB RAM or less (5190).
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