Maps/Networks:  Beyond one-dimensional (Lists) and two-dimensional (Co-occurrence matrices) analyses, VantagePoint performs multidimensional statistical analysis to identify clusters and relationships among concepts, people, organizations, and countries.

This example shows an Auto-Correlation Map. Each node represents one person (in this example, inventors associated with a particular organization in a patent dataset). Proximity of people and links between people show the strength of relationship (correlation) based on co-occurrence of their names in the same records (e.g., patents). Some "teams" can be readily seen and one individual that is related to everyone else. Auto-Correlation Map

This example shows a factor map of Descriptors (index terms) in a dataset. Each node may represent several descriptors that are combined based on how frequently they occur together. Proximity and links show higher correlation among terms. From the map the user can browse the underlying text for each node.

Factor map
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